Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Congrats to last week's winners in the Spitting Out Teeth trivia challenge!

TOM - 15pts. + 5pts. bonus +5pts. for first correct entry
GREG - 15pts. + 5pts. bonus
CASEY - 15pts. + 5pts. bonus

The song was "The Ten Commandments", the lucky #13 track on the Fugs'1965 album called, appropriately enough, "The Fugs' First Album". As for the group's name, it has to do with Norman Mailer and a certain infamous four-letter word...and we'll leave it at that.

And so here we are yet again...the end of the another month of trivia & it's again anybody's game. Here is the current point tally:

TOM - 70 pts.
GREG - 65 pts.
CASEY - 40 pts.
JB - 20 pts.
MIKE - 20 pts.

Next week is another film-related question so get your cineaste thinking caps on--good luck everyone!

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