Friday, April 27, 2007


On Sunday, July 1st the patron saint of Spitting Out Teeth, Mr. Bob Dylan, will be performing at the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds in Essex, VT. Tickets go on sale May 4th with "pre-sale" available from the official Bob Dylan website on May 1st.

Dylan's performance style has changed quite a bit since his heyday in the late 60's, so I'd recommend initiating yourself to his new sound before buying tickets. I will certainly be there & hope to see some of you there as well!


greg davis said...

damn, im still going to be rafting down the colorado river....wish i could check it out.

JB Ledoux said...

i saw dylan this fall in montreal, and performance style & bad voice aside, it was horrible! damn, i hate to burst everyones bubble but the band sucked and the crowd sucked and even dylan sucked. you have to be a 100% dylan psycho to validate spending any money to see him these days, imo. so i guess jay will still be there!

ps. no worries, the gabby & burette show was great & i got to hang out with my good friends kyle & gahlord & rachael & rachaels mom, nancy.

jay said...

Dylan is notoriously inconsistent in his live shows, due to his constant need to reinvent his songs & experiment with new bands. His constant changing is something I've always both loved and hated about him as an artist.

While the recent shows have been MUCH better than his 90s shows (which were drunken, apathetic messes) most of his performances have been pretty decent (with a few obvious exceptions, as JB unfortunately was a witness to).

I heard some horror stories about the beginning of this tour (Dylan's only playing keys; the band sucks; etc.) but considering they'll be about 30 concerts in by the time they hit VT, hopefully they'll be a bit tighter.