Monday, April 23, 2007


After months of rumors and waiting, it's finally here--Other Music's Digital online store! High quality downloads of ecclectic music from an independent record this is what democratic capitalism is all about :)

Here's the e-mail "press release" I received today from Other Music--

Dear friends,

It's time to peel the paper off the windows of our new digital shop and unlock the doors and let some customers inside!!

When Other Music first opened our Manhattan vinyl and CD store in December of 1995, our racks weren't even half-filled. We had no sign, no employees and only two computers. But after months of planning and working around the clock, we decided that the time had come to throw open the doors to see what would happen. What happened has been over a decade of incredible music!

We've seen much change through the years. Back then, indie 7" singles were the hot commodity. Now, many of our customers don't even have turntables, while most seem to have mp3 players. Even though the mode of listening may have changed, what remains the same is our passion for tracking down great music and making it available to passionate music fans.

So please come inside our new digital store and have a look around. We know it's a work in progress, but we need your help to make it all happen. We are launching with hundreds of labels and thousands of artists on board, but that's just a start. We are adding new partners every day, with plenty of exclusives, rarities, great new music and amazing reissues on the way, as well as cool new features for the site that will be rolling out in the coming months. All of the tracks here are sold as premium-quality 320kbps DRM-free mp3s. All of our titles are hand-picked. We stay up late listening to new music and writing straightforward reviews that help you sort through all the sounds.

Times are changing in the record business, and Other Music is not afraid of the change. It is very important to us that in this new era, real record stores run by real music fans can still survive and thrive. We are a real record store going digital and we are open for business. Welcome:

-all of us at Other Music

P.S. Regretably, we are launching enabled for North American sales only. Due to the complex legalities of selling music in different regions around the world, we need to hold off on international business, but please know that we hope to roll out overseas as soon as possible. International customers have always been a big part of our business at the New York store, and we are committed to bringing our download service worldwide!


greg davis said...

this is great news. ive been waiting for this too.
nice that they are offering 320kbps mp3s.

terry riley on the first page there. i must be in the right place.

casey said...

Yup, super duper righteous cool. Goodbye productivity at work. If there ever was such a thing since this damn blog arrived. ;)

greg davis said...

so i bought a really nice Warren Burt album on XI. long drify pieces made with tuning forks.

and i got a Richard Youngs & Alex Neilsen album i didnt have.

great quality and easy to download with their download manager software.
right on!

jay said...

Glad to hear you're putting the site to use already Greg! Sounds like you picked up some great stuff as well.

Sorry for the delays in my comment replies--the only bad thing about my new job is that they block access to a lot of sites, including anything with "blog" or "blogger" in the URL. Starting tomorrow I'm just going to bring my MacBook with me to blog at Speeder & Earl's during my lunch break.